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Our Services

Flying Trapeze

Instructors- With the experience Tal and Maureen have accumulated around the world they are able

to train complete teams and individuals on all areas of the flying trapeze.

They offer expertise on skills such as working safety lines and pedestal board,

catching and flying while maintaining a high attention to safety.

They are also able to operate all the departments of the flying trapeze.


Performers- Tal and Maureen are skilled flyers. Their level of trick repertoire includes:  splits, half turn, lay-out, pelicano, double, pirouette and more. Tal is also an experienced catcher for all levels of flyers. With many connections in the trapeze world, Tal and Maureen are able to provide a full flying trapeze act, or in the case that they are occupied, they can suggest other talented artists to meet your needs.


Maintenance- Setting up and taking down a full size trapeze rig and overall maintenance including checking and replacing cables, safety lines, extension cables, fly bars and catch traps, net repairs, poles adjustments and anything else your trapeze may need. All of this can be done while also teaching your team how to maintain and fix the above elements in the future. *rigging reel available in the videos page*.

Below is a list of services and capabilities that we can contribute to your team, event or show any where around the world.

Aerial Arts

Performers- Tal and Maureen are an aerial duo performing and choreographing a large variety of acts including: single trapeze (Male/Female), double trapeze, Spanish web, tissue/silks (Male/double), Lyra/ aerial hoop (Female/double). Every act is easily adapted to fit themes or special occasions. Once again, if occupied, the duo is able to suggest other artists suitable for the event.


Instructors- As aerial artists, Maureen and Tal are highly trained in spotting and teaching basic to advanced aerial skills including single, double, triple, and swinging trapeze, Lyra/aerial hoop, tissue/silks, Spanish web, cube and hand balancing/acro balancing. 

Handmade apparatuses- please see our store page for more info.
 Tissue/silks, single trapeze, double trapeze, triple trapeze and many parts or the flying trapeze construction -rig poles, extension/fly bar/guide wire cables, catch strap, net parts and more. 

Juggling- Tal is a juggler performing balls act and diablo act.


Show productions- Tal and Maureen produced a full-length shows in brazil and israel including sound, lights, costumes, dance and aerials choreography and can gladly do it for you as well.


Workshops- Tal and Maureen offer a workshop any where you will ask, to suite your needs.event workshop,workshop for circus schools or performers,workshop content aerials/flying/catching, juggling skills,performance Technics and qualities to improve your abilities.


Extras- Tal and Maureen with their reach background are also teaching capoeira lessons,teaching dance-ballet,tap,jazz,modern etc, personal training and percussion makers.Maureen is a professional dancer and performer in many dance styles,well trained and professional personal trainer and Tal is a capoeira teacher and performer and a samba/batucada player as well.

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